Truth About Six Pack Abs – How the Traditional Ab Crunches Are Useless For Building a Six Pack!

Every health enthusiast’s ultimate aim is to get six pack abs. The reason is pretty simple- stomach is the toughest body part to be toned and a sexy, defined stomach is definitely an indication to a person’s excellent overall fitness levels. But it is funny to watch the gym trainers as well as health enthusiasts running after those ab exercises, spending 7-8 hours a day at times to reveal their six packs. I was a part of them once and used to workout for hours but the results never showed up.

It seems funny to me now because I have discovered this really effective plan that helps to get six pack abs without all those tiresome workouts and endless quests to get defined abs. Its amazing how those people who know nothing about the right ways to get six packs are running businesses, minting profits out of people’s naivety. Here are some basics about six pack abs which I am sure would give the right direction to your six pack abs journey:

1. Excessive Insistence On Crunches Is Useless.

The foremost thing to understand is that you do not lose out on the tummy fat with ab crunches. What these ab exercises do is to strengthen your body’s midsection or the “core”. While it is definitely important but only core strengthening would never lead you to washboard abs. So those ab crunches fail after a certain point.

2. Spot Reduction Is A Myth

Ab crunches aim at “spot reduction” or toning a particular area of the body by working the muscle underneath it while ignoring the rest of the body. But in actuality the concept is impractical. Give me a minute to explain how- you have ever seen someone with ripped six pack abs and flabby arms, love handles, big butt, etc. I bet you would never have because for the midsection to be toned, the rest of the body must be in perfect shape too. And for that, a holistic approach that combines appropriate exercising with a nutritious diet is required.

3. Stress On Weight Training Instead

Weight training to build the lean muscle mass is the best alternative to ab exercises to get six pack abs then. Lean muscles are the fat burning furnaces of the system and therefore aid the best in removing that layer of flab from the tummy to let those toned six packs to show up. Even those fat blasting cardio sessions would be of great help in this context. But please, get over that excessive reliance on working abs for that would leave you frustrated over reaping no results at the end.

For a detailed guide on which exercises to adopt and all other aspects of getting six pack abs, I would suggest that you read through this eBook that I have discovered. I found it really comprehensive and feel that it would help you wonderfully.