How to Get a Six Pack – 3 Stomach Crunching, Ab Splitting Exercises to Get a Six Pack Fast

If you want to know how to get a six pack quick then you have to realize that that work is going to be involved.

You have to sort out your diet, you have to sort out your overall fitness and you have to do those stomach crunching exercises to get a six pack.

Doing just one element of a six pack plan will prove to be fruitless. You can have a six pack abs diet and you can use this to diet to your hearts content, but without a good set of six pack exercises you will never get the definition in your abs you are looking for.

So remembering that:-

  1. Your diet is very important to get a leaner frame,
  2. Your overall fitness for weight management and health is paramount,

Then we can move onto the stomach crunching exercises that will get a six pack for you.

3 Exercises To Get a Six Pack, Fast!

The “abs crunch”

The humble abs crunch for me is still one of the best stomach crunching exercises to get a six pack, and there are so many variations you can turn it into.

Lie on the floor and place your feet flat on the ground, make sure you are in a comfortable position.

Place your fingers at your temples and raise your back off the floor. Go forward as far as you can , nice and slowly, then return to your starting position.

( You can place your hands behind your head for an easier abs crunch)

There is also, nothing stopping you using an ab crunch machine.

The benefits of an ab crunch machine is that it maintains your form throughout your exercise. Especially for someone not used to so much exercise.

The “Abs Crunch Knees Up”

One of the variations you can try is raising you feet off the ground for more of an abs crunching workout, with or without the help of an ab crunch roller machine.

Get into the same starting position as above and lift your legs off the ground so that your thighs are at the same angle as the floor. Pull your knees into yourself with each crunch.

The “V Sit”

The V Sit up is one of the hardest set of stomach crunching exercises I do, and you can vary the amount of v sit ups you do for the level you are at.

Lie on your back with your hand and arms stretched out behind your head and your legs straight out along the floor.

Maintaining a good strong stomach for the initial effort is required with this one, I did say it’s a blooming hard abs exercise.

Raise your hands and arms at the same time as you are raising your legs and feet. Keeping everything straight, touch your feet with your hands.

Do not try to do too many of these the first time you try them as the next day will feel like the workout ripped your abs in half.

Warning: Advanced Six Pack Exercise:

If you want an Evil Twist to this and you feel that wasn’t hard enough for you, DO N’T let your feet touch the floor between one V Sit and the next. Ha Ha Ha (evil laugh!)