Exercises For Abs – Crunches Will Not Give You Six-Pack Abs!

Do you want to have six-pack abs? Do not do crunches. Do these instead:

1. Cardio is the best exercise for abs

The best exercises for abs are cardio workouts, not crunches. Here is something you absolutely and positively have to understand right now. So, take a deep breath and listen up.

You already have six-pack abs. But you can’t see them.

You can’t see them because they are covered with fat. Here is the problem. Crunches will never burn the fat, that covers your abs. That’s not going to happen. Never, ever, period! Crunches as exercises don’t have enough power to burn stomach fat that surrounds your abs. All the commercials in the world, that sell abs gadgets based on crunches will not give you six-pack abs. Save some money and a whole lot of time. Don’t buy them.

For your information. Crunches are exercises, that are performed often but not always, on your back either on the floor or on a workout bench. You basically move your upper chest toward your knees or your knees toward your chest. When I say crunches I mean all the different variations of crunches, like bicycle exercise, or captain’s chair leg raise, exercise ball crunch etc.

“Experts” will also tell you that when you bring your chest to your knees, you work upper abs, and when you bring your knees toward your chest you work lower abs. In reality, It is not even possible to work upper and lower abs separately. They always work together. But again, crunches will do nothing for your fat loss, that is necessary to develop six-pack abs. Crunches are a waste of your precious time.

Focus on cardio. Run. Walk. Throw some interval cardio training to lose fat even faster. Do it consistently for a period of few months, time frames depend on a starting amount of your stomach fat. Working out once or twice is a joke. Hundreds of workouts are required.

There are many different types of cardio exercises, but they are beyond the scope of this article. Google cardio exercise or aerobic workouts to learn more.

Actionable step: Start running. If you can’t run, start walking.

Now, if you only do cardio, you will get a six-pack, but it will be a skinny looking six-pack. This is where the second best exercises for abs come onto stage.

2. Global Weight Lifts

The second best exercises for abs are Global Weight Lifts. Global weight lifts are performed with a barbell, a squat rack and a pressing bench. They are very specific type of lifts and they are totally different from local lifts like bicep curls or hamstrings machine curs that isolate just one group of muscles.

If you want to have visible six-pack abs that look not too skinny, you have to do global lifts.


It is not a secret anymore. Remember this: Bigger muscles burn more fat. That includes fat that covers your abs. This is the real reason why you should do global lifts and forget local lifts and crunches. The second reason is: Global Lifts build muscles mass faster and more efficiently than local lifts. Your abs are stabilizing muscles that are built beautifully with global lifts, much better and faster than with crunches.

The four most powerful global lifts are:

– Squats
– Dead lifts
– Bench Presses
– Rows

Actionable step: Find an access to a squat rack (garage or gym) and start doing 3 sets of 10 squats with weighted barbell. Ask someone who is more experienced (or read), how to choose your initial barbell weight and learn a good lifting technique.

3. Crunches and leg lifts

I have described crunches in more detail above, so I’m not going to spend a lot of time on them. Plus they are the least important and least effective six-pack abs exercises anyway

Actionable step: Do some crunches or leg lifts 2-3 times a week, but don’t sweat them. They are not that important. Cardio is number one. Global Lifts are number two. Put all your focus on cardio and global lifts.

4. Diet

Diet is super important in development of six-pack abs. In my opinion six-pack diet is just a healthy, balanced diet based on a food pyramid. Google food pyramid and learn everything you can about this healthy and timeless approach to eating. Be careful with any diet fads, that tell you to eat unbalanced meals. Losing health is not what you want on your way to six-pack abs.

5. Six Pack Mindset

Your six pack-abs adventure should really start with six-pack mindset. If your mind and focus is weak, and your self-esteem and belief system are in early stages of development, then you will not be able to carve a perfect set of six-pack abs. Why? Because in this life every physical human action starts with a mental action. If you are losing your inner game, your six-pack abs will never materialize. Read everything you can on belief systems, self-esteem, goal setting, focus etc.

Develop unbreakable desire and laser sharp focus. Only then you will pull through thousands of repetitions, obstacles, distractions and critics that will inevitably stand in your way to perfect six-pack abs.