Crunch Review – Accounting On The Internet

The world of accounting doesn’t quite evoke feelings of excitement. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil for all of you – from contractors to small businesses. Up until recently, I can almost guarantee that you have been using a lackluster piece of ‘bookkeeping software’ or visiting a traditional, grey polyester suit-wearing accountant to keep your pounds or pesos in check. Well, that’s all about to change.

Welcome to the exciting world of Crunch. Funky name for a funky company. Unlike your typical accountancy services, PCG-accredited Crunch is a single, all inclusive, fixed rate service that keeps everything under one roof and included in one very affordable fee. There is no pretentious jargon here – just professional, friendly help for anybody and everybody requiring financial freedom. Thanks to your personal authorised agent, you get continual advice as you need it and free support over the phone. Remember, this is ALL included.

In addition, the actual online interface goes above and beyond with ingenious technology and extremely secure, straightforward software. Crunch is so manageable you may actually begin to enjoy those financial tasks that seemed so previously menial. Additional features of the once-monthly payment package include unlimited invoicing, a registered office, all of your returns, business bank account integration, secure electronic links to HMRC, share control/issuing, and payroll calculations.

Ultimately, it is a continual, automated health checkup for business. So, what about those important and headache-causing year-end taxes? Well, even they are included and all sorted by your accountant based on your account’s information beforehand. Your time, money, hassle and tax are all saved at less than half the cost of an accountant who would offer much, much less. Crunch cares.