How to Get a Six Pack – 3 Stomach Crunching, Ab Splitting Exercises to Get a Six Pack Fast

If you want to know how to get a six pack quick then you have to realize that that work is going to be involved.

You have to sort out your diet, you have to sort out your overall fitness and you have to do those stomach crunching exercises to get a six pack.

Doing just one element of a six pack plan will prove to be fruitless. You can have a six pack abs diet and you can use this to diet to your hearts content, but without a good set of six pack exercises you will never get the definition in your abs you are looking for.

So remembering that:-

  1. Your diet is very important to get a leaner frame,
  2. Your overall fitness for weight management and health is paramount,

Then we can move onto the stomach crunching exercises that will get a six pack for you.

3 Exercises To Get a Six Pack, Fast!

The “abs crunch”

The humble abs crunch for me is still one of the best stomach crunching exercises to get a six pack, and there are so many variations you can turn it into.

Lie on the floor and place your feet flat on the ground, make sure you are in a comfortable position.

Place your fingers at your temples and raise your back off the floor. Go forward as far as you can , nice and slowly, then return to your starting position.

( You can place your hands behind your head for an easier abs crunch)

There is also, nothing stopping you using an ab crunch machine.

The benefits of an ab crunch machine is that it maintains your form throughout your exercise. Especially for someone not used to so much exercise.

The “Abs Crunch Knees Up”

One of the variations you can try is raising you feet off the ground for more of an abs crunching workout, with or without the help of an ab crunch roller machine.

Get into the same starting position as above and lift your legs off the ground so that your thighs are at the same angle as the floor. Pull your knees into yourself with each crunch.

The “V Sit”

The V Sit up is one of the hardest set of stomach crunching exercises I do, and you can vary the amount of v sit ups you do for the level you are at.

Lie on your back with your hand and arms stretched out behind your head and your legs straight out along the floor.

Maintaining a good strong stomach for the initial effort is required with this one, I did say it’s a blooming hard abs exercise.

Raise your hands and arms at the same time as you are raising your legs and feet. Keeping everything straight, touch your feet with your hands.

Do not try to do too many of these the first time you try them as the next day will feel like the workout ripped your abs in half.

Warning: Advanced Six Pack Exercise:

If you want an Evil Twist to this and you feel that wasn’t hard enough for you, DO N’T let your feet touch the floor between one V Sit and the next. Ha Ha Ha (evil laugh!)

Stomach Crunches Don’t Work to Get Abs – And They Never Will

I’m always amazed at how many people in the gym nowadays spend hours doing stomach crunches. Yet to no avail as their bodies never ever change.

The truth is this.. Crunches don’t work and they never will. A couple of years ago, Men’s Health magazine made a big deal about a research study proving you would need to do 20,000 crunches to burn 1 pound of belly fat. Twenty thousand!Even a “crunch fanatic” would need a few days to do 20,000 crunches. The bottom line is that ab crunches are a HUGE waste of time when you are trying to lose belly fat.

You would probably get better abs from not even working that area. You see, we all have abdominals there just hidden under our party pack. 6 pack abs will come from doing high intensity work involving many muscles in the body to achieve fat loss. Not a burnt out mid section from doing too many crunches each week. Weight is also a very poor measure to go by, when you get to the stage of having minimal body fat and you want to reveal your abs, chances are you will make small gains in weight as the core musculature will weigh more than the flabby bits you are looking to burn off.

Abs are not supercharged you do not need to do 600 sit ups a day, besides the fact that this is dangerous. Imagine this- a man walks into a gym does 3 sets of 200 bench presses and the 3 sets of 200 pull ups and so on.. That would be ridiculous! The high reps for tone myth is stuff of the dark ages now, you need to get with the times, the abs like any musculature of the body need to be worked within normal hypertrophy (size gaining) rep ranges and tempos in order to develop muscle tone. Toning does NOT happen with more repetitions of a movement! The core zone (mid section) also needs to be worked using bridging (stabilisation) exercises as well as rotation and extension. Not just constant bouts of spine flexion.

As well as being absolutely useless the constant movement pattern of spine flexion (stomach crunches) will lead to lower back pain and a nasty bit of flab storage just at the bottom of the stomach. This is because generally you will have the hips flexed tightly in this crunch position. Constant flexing in this position can lead to the pelvic bones being pulled forward out of optimal alignment with the skeleton. Okay this becomes technical, but simply put you will be pulling the lower back in more tightly causing a tightness often leading to lower back ache.

This pelvic tilt will also allow visceral (internal organs of the gut) to almost spill out forwards from the pelvis. This results in the small pouch of fat that a lot of people get right at the bottom of your stomach. This commonly seen with people that crunch with very poor technique and get really flexed at the hips. This can also lead to very poor core development, and incorrect firing sequences, through the TVA (transversus abdominas) which can result in problems at the hips.

All told, we need to put a stop to the abdominal crunch before more people damage themselves. If they got results the people that did them the most, would have great abs. As Paul Mort says ‘”the best abs exercise you can do is called the ‘plate push away’ that plate of pasta push it away”. On serious note, if you want abs, firstly you need address your nutrition, your eating habits need to be sound to get you losing the fat. Secondly you need to address the core zone with stabilisation exercises such as plank and side plank; Rotational exercises such as Russian twists and Woodchops; And flexion and extension exercises such as stability ball full range abs draw ins.

To target Fat Loss- this is the main component of having visible abs. You need to look at high intensity interval training protocols. Preferably compound resistance movements, put together in circuit and complex style formats as well as brutal interval cardio sessions.

Tim Megginson

Avoid Neck Pain During Ab Exercises and Crunches

Many people suffer from neck pain when they are doing crunches or other abs exercises. Let’s talk a little about some potential reasons people have neck discomfort during their ab workouts.

The first potential reason that people suffer from neck discomfort during abs exercises is poor form. When sit ups fell out of favor, crunches became the primary abs exercise in fitness routines, but most people don’t know how to do crunches correctly.

When performing crunches, your spine should curl forward and your shoulder blades should lift off the floor. This is a simple mistake that people make in form. Because many people are afraid of doing sit ups, they use a less than ideal range of motion for crunches. When you use only a small range of motion from your middle and lower spine, you shift the emphasis to your neck and upper spine. So what happens for many people is that the only area that moves when they perform crunches is their neck, which can lead to faster fatigue in the neck and potentially cause some neck pain.

In addition to having poor form and not using all the range of motion for crunches, some people pull on their neck in order to get more range of motion. When you perform crunches, your hands should only be used for light support, and your neck should stay close to the neutral position.

The 2 main mistakes in form that may cause neck pain during crunches are using a limited range of motion and pulling excessively on the neck. Interestingly, sit ups actually put less pressure on the neck than crunches. Let’s talk a little about why.

When you look at the position of your body in relation to gravity, there is more tension on your neck during the first part of a sit up because gravity is pulling down on your neck, and the muscles in the front of the neck will contract to stabilize your head. However, when you move past the initial part of a sit up, gravity will pull less on the muscles in the front of your neck. So during sit ups, you neck muscles get a little rest when you are in the full sit up position.

If you compare sit ups to crunches, you’ll notice that since you never go all the way up during crunches, your neck muscles never really get a chance to rest during the exercise. Your neck muscles are supposed to work during crunches, but sometimes the neck muscles will get fatigued before the abdominal muscles.

If you have pain in your neck during crunches here are a few workout tips. First, just keep practicing. If you are completely new to working out you’ll get stronger. Second, stretch your neck muscles before or after your ab workouts. If you sit at a desk for work chances are your neck muscles are stiff and inflexible. Stiff neck muscles will put more pressure on the neck during crunches and other abs exercises. Third, work your abdominal muscles in different positions. You don’t have to spend your entire ab workout lying on your back. You can do seated, standing, side-lying, or face down abs exercises.

If you’ve had problems with your neck during your ab workouts try the above tips. However, if you are having persistent neck pain that is beyond fatigue and slight discomfort, you should consult with a healthcare professional. Burning, stabbing, shooting pain, or numbness and tingling are signs you should see a licensed health professional. Don’t let neck pain stop you from working your abs.

Exercises For Abs – Crunches Will Not Give You Six-Pack Abs!

Do you want to have six-pack abs? Do not do crunches. Do these instead:

1. Cardio is the best exercise for abs

The best exercises for abs are cardio workouts, not crunches. Here is something you absolutely and positively have to understand right now. So, take a deep breath and listen up.

You already have six-pack abs. But you can’t see them.

You can’t see them because they are covered with fat. Here is the problem. Crunches will never burn the fat, that covers your abs. That’s not going to happen. Never, ever, period! Crunches as exercises don’t have enough power to burn stomach fat that surrounds your abs. All the commercials in the world, that sell abs gadgets based on crunches will not give you six-pack abs. Save some money and a whole lot of time. Don’t buy them.

For your information. Crunches are exercises, that are performed often but not always, on your back either on the floor or on a workout bench. You basically move your upper chest toward your knees or your knees toward your chest. When I say crunches I mean all the different variations of crunches, like bicycle exercise, or captain’s chair leg raise, exercise ball crunch etc.

“Experts” will also tell you that when you bring your chest to your knees, you work upper abs, and when you bring your knees toward your chest you work lower abs. In reality, It is not even possible to work upper and lower abs separately. They always work together. But again, crunches will do nothing for your fat loss, that is necessary to develop six-pack abs. Crunches are a waste of your precious time.

Focus on cardio. Run. Walk. Throw some interval cardio training to lose fat even faster. Do it consistently for a period of few months, time frames depend on a starting amount of your stomach fat. Working out once or twice is a joke. Hundreds of workouts are required.

There are many different types of cardio exercises, but they are beyond the scope of this article. Google cardio exercise or aerobic workouts to learn more.

Actionable step: Start running. If you can’t run, start walking.

Now, if you only do cardio, you will get a six-pack, but it will be a skinny looking six-pack. This is where the second best exercises for abs come onto stage.

2. Global Weight Lifts

The second best exercises for abs are Global Weight Lifts. Global weight lifts are performed with a barbell, a squat rack and a pressing bench. They are very specific type of lifts and they are totally different from local lifts like bicep curls or hamstrings machine curs that isolate just one group of muscles.

If you want to have visible six-pack abs that look not too skinny, you have to do global lifts.


It is not a secret anymore. Remember this: Bigger muscles burn more fat. That includes fat that covers your abs. This is the real reason why you should do global lifts and forget local lifts and crunches. The second reason is: Global Lifts build muscles mass faster and more efficiently than local lifts. Your abs are stabilizing muscles that are built beautifully with global lifts, much better and faster than with crunches.

The four most powerful global lifts are:

– Squats
– Dead lifts
– Bench Presses
– Rows

Actionable step: Find an access to a squat rack (garage or gym) and start doing 3 sets of 10 squats with weighted barbell. Ask someone who is more experienced (or read), how to choose your initial barbell weight and learn a good lifting technique.

3. Crunches and leg lifts

I have described crunches in more detail above, so I’m not going to spend a lot of time on them. Plus they are the least important and least effective six-pack abs exercises anyway

Actionable step: Do some crunches or leg lifts 2-3 times a week, but don’t sweat them. They are not that important. Cardio is number one. Global Lifts are number two. Put all your focus on cardio and global lifts.

4. Diet

Diet is super important in development of six-pack abs. In my opinion six-pack diet is just a healthy, balanced diet based on a food pyramid. Google food pyramid and learn everything you can about this healthy and timeless approach to eating. Be careful with any diet fads, that tell you to eat unbalanced meals. Losing health is not what you want on your way to six-pack abs.

5. Six Pack Mindset

Your six pack-abs adventure should really start with six-pack mindset. If your mind and focus is weak, and your self-esteem and belief system are in early stages of development, then you will not be able to carve a perfect set of six-pack abs. Why? Because in this life every physical human action starts with a mental action. If you are losing your inner game, your six-pack abs will never materialize. Read everything you can on belief systems, self-esteem, goal setting, focus etc.

Develop unbreakable desire and laser sharp focus. Only then you will pull through thousands of repetitions, obstacles, distractions and critics that will inevitably stand in your way to perfect six-pack abs.