Are Ab Crunches A Big Fat Waste Of Time?

Ab crunches have somehow come to be “the” exercise for getting rid of abdominal fat. They are touted as being an excellent exercise for bringing out your abdominals, and have been used extensively for many decades.

But what if everyone has been wrong all this time?

We’ve already found out that traditional cardio isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, and we’re starting to realize that the same may be true for ab crunches.

So why are ab crunches ineffective?

The reason ab crunches are ineffective is because they are isolating your abdominal muscles. Without properly strengthening your lower back to match the strength of your stomach, you’re going to end up with a lower back that’s in pain half the time!

Another reason ab crunches are ineffective is people have a preconceived notion that the more they do, the better results they will get.

But nothing is further from the truth. Once you get past 15 or so reps you’re only building endurance, not muscle definition.

Yet a third reason that crunches (and any other ab exercise really) aren’t as great as they’re made out to be is because what you eat has to do with about 80% of how you look.

You can do 5 billion crunches a day but if you aren’t eating correctly, you won’t lose weight and getting rid of abdominal fat is going to be impossible.

I’ll be frank with you. Probably about 90% of the people you talk to about health are going to be completely and utterly wrong in most of the things they talk about.

Why do you think over 65% of Americans are overweight? Because they’re getting advice from their overweight friends!

There are many other exercises that blow ab crunches out of the water in almost every way, and you need to realize that nutrition, not exercise, is going to give you the best results for getting rid of abdominal fat as well as everywhere else on your body.

If you want to lose weight, it’s imperative that you use a little of your hard earned cash to learn how to truly diet and exercise correctly.

There’s simply no other way around it.

Stop doing ab crunches and start learning about the real exercises you need and the right foods you need from the true experts.